The Death of Deadass

Another great word from the large dictionary of New York City slang has died. Deadass is officially dead. The internet has seized the word like real estate vultures in Hunt's Point. It had a good run but I'... Read More


Almost 20 years after releasing his first album at the age of 14, Andre Levins Jr. stops and looks at where it all began from the parking lot of the Adams Court projects in Hempstead, N.Y. Levins points to ... Read More
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Back to the Brook

Another semester brings another attempt by USG to try their absolute hardest to bring a relevant musical act to perform at Stony Brook. And with the choices for Brookfest this year in the form of Fetty Wap and ... Read More

A Beautiful Let Down

It is well established fact by historians and those that were there that 1970’s New York City was no fairy tale. Yet, that is what Netflix’s newest series, “The Get Down,” is attempting to portray. In 1975,... Read More

Bridging the Gap

Although it may sound new, for more than a decade, Skepta and the Boy Better Know have been making “grime,” a genre of rap that comes exclusively from London. Skepta’s younger brother, JME’s song “96 Bars of Re... Read More