Another semester brings another attempt by USG to try their absolute hardest to bring a relevant musical act to perform at Stony Brook. And with the choices for Brookfest this year in the form of Fetty Wap and RL Grime, it is clear that the USG hasn’t updated its music library in the past two years.

Although RL Grime’s last album came out two years ago and Fetty Wap’s hit singles have faded away in the sea of new trap rappers, Stony Brook was undeniably hyped and packed the floor of the IFCU Arena.

A science fiction-themed light and graphics show accompanied RL Grime’s set that featured remixes of popular rap songs such as “Power” by Kanye West and newer hits like “I Got The Keys” by DJ Khaled. RL Grime’s bass and hard trap influenced beats had kids raging and even moshing so hard that security had to make sure no one got knocked out.

Fetty’s set was calmer yet still had a crowd swooned by Fetty’s unique style of rapping and crooning that crosses the lines between Trap Rap and R&B. He opened his set with “RGF Island,” one of his best tracks from his 2015 mixtape Zoo Style. He then went into his single “Jimmy Choo” and his most recent hit “Wake Up.”

The set then diverted away from Fetty and gave Monty, another rapper from Fetty’s crew Zoo Gang, a couple songs. Fetty then came back to the stage and began performing his biggest hits such as “My Way,” “679” and even his hook from Lil Dicky’s “Save Dat Money.” He closed out the show with “Trap Queen.”

Although Fetty Wap may not be on every radio station anymore, it is clear that he still has his diehard fans. The front row had students reciting every word, even on his less popular songs. And for someone that stopped listening to Fetty months ago, it was refreshing to hear the tunes that got him to the top in the first place.

Fetty’s sophomore album, King Zoo, is likely dropping by the end of this month, one year after his self-titled debut. “Trap Queen” may no longer be the most played song on your iPhone, but King Zoo might bring Fetty back to the top of your party playlist.


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