Slade (Sarah Beckford)


“Quiet, please! THANK you,” says Antonio Neville, better known as HeyTonyTV. He’s dressed in the now instantly-recognizable garb of the principal of Quarter Brick High, a fictional school from his skits that focus on high school life. All of his Quarter Brick High content can be broken into two subcategories: “Administrators in High School” and “How Girls in High School.”

How do you translate the energy and feeling of a live show — the crowd singing along, watching the lines around a concert venue with excitement — into a virtual production with an audience stuck at home? How does new music, intended to shake a room, get converted into a virtual experience? For Brockhampton, achieving that feat means utilizing the tools in their playbook that make for a great live show, and adapting them.

Both Healy and Kanye West have used their Twitter accounts to share personal beliefs, which, as celebrities, are always going to be in the limelight. Both musicians use their platforms personally and professionally, which can come back to haunt them. The God complexes that both stars have, coupled with public backlash, could very easily lead to their downfalls.