Blankets of snow rest on the mountainside. Branches turned bare as the tree’s limbs withered away from the cool breeze. The wolves that guarded the mountain path lost their ways to survive the north as they ran out of food to eat, or shelter to keep warm. A new era beganas the sun rose above the mountains. Their leader was taken in as a child when her parents died.

She was raised as one of their own, became the leader of the wolf pack and its mountains.

Outsiders were forbidden on their grounds. It was a law that was created in memory of the foul hunter that shot her parents. That killed the only people she ever loved.

One day, her silver wolves chased a man in furred robes down a woodsy path. He panted as his shoes scuffed the snow beneath him. His eyes searched for a place to hide as howling echoed in the distance. He saw a cave on his left that had a small blanket of snow. Charging for it, he slid inside the cave and cradled his knees to his chest in silence. Lifting his head, he looked out as the bright light made him squint. Suddenly, footfalls sounded nearby. His nerves escalated in fear that the wolves discovered his tracks and found the cave. A shadow appeared before him. He opened his eyes fully and saw a woman in silver robes. Her hood rested on her forehead as her black hair framed her jawline. He said nothing as she stared at him sternly. A gentle breeze set in as she bent down to her knees. Her gloved hands gracefully touched the fabric of her robe. He scanned her for a minute, unsure of her next move. Suddenly, she spoke. “Man, are you a hunter?”

His eyes squinted in confusion. He was. He was trying to find deer near the iced river for food. That was when the wolves chased him. Perhaps she was lost too, he thought. Chased by those silver wolves. A survivor like him in the north. “Yes,” he said softly.

Nodding her head, she understood. “Well,” she replied. “How does it feel being the one hunted?”

Another breeze passed by as he shivered. “Not good, I suppose.”

She nodded her head once more. “Can you help me find shelter?” he said hastily. “The wolves chased me far from mine.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” she replied. “You’re a hunter. Hunters don’t deserve to live. You have upset your Queen. That comes with a consequence.” In that moment, he knew how this was going to end. He saw in her stern face that she was not going to be useful for him. She commanded those wolves to chase him.

She was their leader. Their Queen.

“An eye for an eye,” she said, with a raised eyebrow. Another howl echoed in the distance as she rose to her feet. Her robes covered her legs as she turned away. Two wolves appeared at the cave entrance as he backed up towards the stone walls. The wolves growled before charging into the cave and ending the man’s life. Walking through the snow, all she heard in the distance was a piercing scream as it soon faded away.

She overlooked the mountains as the sun beamed down on the snow. The wolves appear behind the trees as they finished the man’s life for slaughter. Their teeth stained red as they walked up the path. A strand of hair covered her cheek as a cool breeze followed. The cold air reminded her of the hunter’s cold heart. The man who murdered her parents. How she missed them terribly. Trying to hold back her tears, she stiffened her upper lip and raised her head with pride. Her second wolf in command, Alpha, walked towards her. “Your Majesty, the north is ours once more,” he said deeply.

“Indeed. Don’t get cocky, however. It certainly won’t be the last hunter on the mountainside.”     

He nodded his head, for he understood her wishes. These were her woods. Her grounds. Her wolves.

If you disobeyed her majesty, run.               

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