It’s easy to get swept away in the negatives the holiday season holds.

Yes, your family is a lot more offensive than you remember. Sure, your weird uncle is creeping you out. Maybe that cousin is still with the magician boyfriend you were hoping she’d dump by now. And fine, it can be a little hard to deal with all the existential crisis-inducing questions.

But Thanksgiving shows us what we should cherish the most for the upcoming holiday season: the best possible time to debate politics.

You and you alone have the divine right to see grandpa nearly hurl the turkey off the table in a fit of rage when the magician boyfriend starts up on our President-elect Trump’s racism. You get to save your drink from spilling over when a cousin bangs on the table to start up a “Hillary for prison” chant. You can even join in on throwing a withering look to whoever mentions voting for a third party.

And soon, you get to bask in the limelight. All eyes will be on you when you are asked to give your opinion on the state of this great nation.

“Is Hillary your girl?”

“Do you or do you not want America to be great?”

Neither? You should be grateful you get to live here at all.”  

No matter how hard you wish you can go back to the kids table and not participate in whatever the grown-ups were talking about, you must accept that that was a part of the past. You get to embrace the side of your family that will not hesitate to let you know you are wrong, no matter who you agree with.

And just know that even if this first round of debates doesn’t go as planned, you have plenty of practice ahead. About a month and a half, to be exact, along with the years and years to come.

Happy holidays!

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