They must escape into the lyrics of the song

They feel as if they have to belong

They listen to the beat, and vibe to it, with internal pleasure.

They remember that music,

Can last forever.


The energy of the song offers a special dance

A free flowing madness that lives off of chance

Of connecting to a faithful memory.

That replays like the song,

In such reminiscent harmony.


A song stanza dedication, just in, on the radio

The person supposedly says, hello!

And exclaims

She exercises the floral pigment on her lips

As she tactfully traces them with her fingertips.


Another dedication, dear station, listeners

It won’t be about current events-

Rather about music, and its provocative talents

He says

That pain, love, and chaos is not a world apart

When there is a song melody rehearsing in your heart.


They remember and replay a special beat of a song

It’s an adventure upon earth where two people can get along

And leave behind the present, does that make sense?

It’s a slightly advanced way, of simultaneously

Remembering and forgetting

All within a 2-5 minute time period,

from pangs of joy to lowly regretting.


While the song plays, they remember the person in the mirror

And do not seem to focus on anything else that’s dreary

Because it’s the footprints of the lyrics guiding the soul

You cannot redeem any new experience, almost

Thus, you can actually put your life on hold!


Dedication just in, she’s a dramatic one y’all

Says she has an invisible tattoo of thorns, and follows specific non secular laws

When they suit her way of being-

Has music shaped a creative way of following rules?

Does pain really sting that deep?


A serene dedication, folks,

He says, this vision is for my wife,

There is a song of nature that plays

And the vision shines like a sun’s reflection

A kaleidoscope in the trees

Rays of light compliment my daydreams

As my eyes adjust to the sun’s magic

Each letter that I write down now fades like dust

Am I in love

Or am I in lust

The swaying leaves and winds entice my bodily sensations

Especially when the lovely autumn, midday, tan filter outside

Brings about a final realization,

That, I too, am like a song…

As long as my soul or body is around,

I’ll surely belong.

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