On the athletic fields besides the North Parking lot emotions ran high as Stony Brook’s Cricket Club hosted its annual Cricket Bash Tournament. Eight teams participated in this years event, four of which were composed of Stony Brook students.

Photo by Joseph Ryder

In the tournament finale, the Chapin Chargers, a Stony Brook graduate student team, ended the unbeaten streak of the CC All-Stars, an undergraduate team.

“Cricket is very popular here,” said club Vice-President Jerin George. “We’re growing and looking to play more competitively next year.”

Photo by Joseph Ryder

The club currently is not receiving funding from USG but George says he hopes the club can receive funding for next year when the club will join the American College Cricket Association (ACCA).

“We could really use the funding,” George said. “Right now we are entirely member supported.”

To join the ACCA the club will need to pay dues along with their equipment and travel. George says that the rapidly expanding club should be considered for a budget by USG.


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