For Honor Review

I’ve devoted over 60 hours to eviscerating my enemies, shoving people off cliffs and executing those I’ve bested. I have felt the swell of triumph that comes with defeating a good opponent and the aggravation f... Read More

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is stunning. The depiction of World War I in a video game has never felt more real, both graphically and emotionally. Battlefield 1 strikes a chord that has been absent in recent war first person ... Read More

Star Wars: Rogue Won

Star Wars: Rogue One is amazing. Though the reshoots had me and many other Star Wars fans nervous, the end result does an incredible job of jump-starting the tradition of “Star Wars stories,” while creating a c... Read More

The Death of The Pre-order

The thought of paying for something before it has been released seems ridiculous nowadays, but oftentimes video game companies begin selling their products months and sometimes years in advance––today, consumer... Read More

The public sauntered under the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge Sunday afternoon as they carefully rummaged through mismatched chess pieces, suitcases of antique pins and old shoes stuffed with old newspaper. ... Read More