CupcakKe recently announced her retirement to the world in an emotional 18-minute Instagram live video. 

“So, this live will be the last video that y’all see of me,” she said while wrapped in white hotel bed sheets. 

After visibly struggling to get her thoughts together, CupcakKe announced she will no longer be creating music, will remove everything from all platforms and will cancel the rest of The $10k Tour — where she gave away $10,000 to a fan at each stop along the way. The 22-year-old philanthropist constantly sends money to her fans on Twitter. 

 This isn’t the first time she’s posted something alarming that caught the attention of millions. CupcakKe is known for her overtly sexual songs, and seeing children singing and dancing along at her shows is what pushed her towards retirement. 

“I decided to give up — I don’t want to say give up — I want to say let go of music because I feel as though I’m corrupting the youth,” she said.

She released her first vulgar song at only 18 years old and seeing underaged children singing along to her raunchy songs “Deepthroat,” “Squidward Nose” and her X-rated remix of “Old Town Road” has, “torn [her] apart.” Throughout the years, she has tried to steer away from over-sexualizing herself in her songs and has released numerous non-sexual songs and freestyles. No matter how hard she tried, they were just not the songs her fans wanted to hear. Her strategy of releasing a provocative song to garner attention for an upcoming “regular” song backfired. 

“I want to go to heaven after this, and I don’t want to go to hell,” she said.

Her rebranding attempts went unnoticed, and in the same video she called out the media’s agenda of pushing body image. She said the media will not take her seriously because of her curvy figure. 

CupcakKe, whose real name is Elizabeth Harris, has openly struggled with depression in the past, and was hospitalized earlier in the year after posting a suicidal tweet that prompted fans across the country to make phone calls to Chicago police to voice their concerns about the rapper. Hearing her say, “This will be the last y’all see of me,” rightfully caused fans to panic again. 

In a series of now-deleted tweets, she detailed the financial and emotional abuse she was suffering at the hands of a man she dated for five months. The abuse and threats of violence drove her to suicidal thoughts and hospitalization. She has since been open about receiving mental health treatment and has been getting better.

While she has been open with some of her struggles in the past, CupcakKe only now admitted to a gambling addiction in the live video. In another shocking moment of the live video,  she revealed that she had lost over $700,000 in a casino in a night, and after realizing her “friends” were only around for the money, she had to reevaluate. Her music career made her a lot of money, but it wasn’t making her happy.  

All posts from her Instagram have been removed and her Twitter account remains inactive. Her music is still available on Spotify and Apple Music. 

Nearly two months after her public retirement she teased a possible return from hiatus, posting on Instagram and Twitter, “Jesus fasted for 40 days & so did I……nov 16th.” 


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