With the introduction of a new solo Batman movie by Matt Reeves and a Joker origin movie in the works, fans are beginning to wonder what else the Caped Crusader series might yield in terms of movies abiding by the lore.

Well for all you comic fans located here at Stony Brook University, there’s some good news. Warner Brothers Studios is already in talks with Reeves to produce a sequel with Stony Brook University as the backdrop. Warner Bros. Head Kevin Tsujihara and Reeves sat down with President Samuel Stanley last week to gain the necessary permits to film on campus. When asked by President Stanley what sort of modifications were in mind and why, Reeves responded to the following.

”Well, one of the reasons we chose Stony Brook to portray Arkham Asylum is because of a survey conducted by Princeton Review on the ‘Top 10 ugliest College Campuses’ and this one ranked pretty high. Heck, you guys practically did most of the work for us! All we have to do is bring the cast members and the costumes. Also, we were wondering if we could film some students as extra patients in Arkham?”

To this Stanley replied, “Sure, film an orgo chem class during finals week and I guarantee you’ll see actual crazy people.”

In other news however, rumors have been circulating that Ben Affleck is looking to exit the standalone series and only wants to play Batman in the Justice League films. Matt Reeves has been publicly silent on this issue, but mysterious posters have popped up around campus with a Batman logo spray painted on it with two words underneath it: “The Pit.”

What could this possibly mean? What exactly is “The Pit?” Maybe it’s Reeves waiting in the undisclosed location for the right student to step into the shoes of the Batman and take over. Maybe a mysterious group is sacrificing a human to appease the school budget gods so they can throw more money at Ben Affleck. Or maybe it’s the location of another rager that will cause a frat house to collapse.

Some sources have said that “The Pit” is actually an underground group of students that work under the cover of night to revive Stony’s arts and theatre program. Whatever it is, it’s a sign of a change to come to Stony Brook University—specifically involving Hollywood bigwigs, interns grabbing lattes (with exactly two sugars) and poor Rotten Tomatoes scores.


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