Stony Brook’s Undergraduate Student Government President, Cole Lee, chose fellow student, Aravinth Pushparaj, as the best candidate for the position of Associate Justice for the Supreme Court.

“He is a stellar candidate,” Lee said. “I have a history of appointing six associate justices into the Supreme Court and to my knowledge they all passed unanimously.”

During the USG Senate meeting on Oct. 27, Lee said that Pushparaj was interviewed extensively and various times. He was present at the meeting to answer any questions the senators may have had and so that they could pass the motion of accepting Pushparaj into the Supreme Court.

As Pushparaj stood in front of the senators, he spoke about his previous knowledge and past experience when dealing with leadership positions as well as resolving issues.

“I was the student body president at my school back home. So essentially, I’ve dealt with a lot of problems and issues with students,” Pushparaj said.

Senator Zachary Shaps and Senator Jay Abad both agreed and said they believed he would do an excellent job and Proxy Andrew Machkasov called him for Supreme Court.

Senator Vanessa Cornelio seconded the motion.

Aravinth Pushparaj, the newly appointed Associate Justice, is now the sixth Associate Justice, out of seven justices in total, in Stony Brook University’s Supreme Court.


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