At the Undergraduate Student Government meeting on October 20, a prominent change was introduced to the clubs that are defined as Special Service Council’s clubs They will no longer have the option of refusing to move up the line budget, starting next semester..

The Special Service Councils clubs require a limited amount of funding. This includes clubs that are relatively new or clubs that only require minimum funding in order for them to function to their fullest capacity. If a club is deemed fully-established, it can move up from SSC’s limited funding to the line budget.

The new rule states that clubs capable of handling the line budget can no longer stay on as SSC clubs. If these clubs refuse to move up to line budget, their funding will be cut altogether. There is finite money in the SSC collective budget, so this amendment allows for eligible clubs that have never received SSC funding to finally obtain it for the first time.

For a club to be seen fit to attain line budget status, it must use 80 percent or more of its allotted funding.

The rest of the Undergraduate Student Government’s agenda included the introduction of a new diversity plan for Stony Brook University, the approval of the SB Longboard Club’s constitution and appointments to the Elections board.


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