It may have taken three quarters, but the Stony Brook Seawolves (4-2, 3-0 CAA) got on the board to secure a victory at their Homecoming for the first time in three years.

Redshirt junior running back Stacey Bedell and sophomore running back Jordan Gowins recorded touchdowns on consecutive Stony Brook possessions in the fourth quarter. The duo’s back-to-back scores notched a 14-3 Seawolves victory over the University of Rhode Island Rams (1-6, 0-4 CAA) on Saturday night.

“That [first] touchdown sparked our team,” Bedell said. “It gave us a lot of momentum.”

Before the touchdowns, the Rams held a 3-0 lead for the majority of the game; sophomore kicker Justin Rohrwasser nailed a 32-yard field goal with 2:15 remaining in the first quarter.

It wasn’t until 10:09 remaining in the game that Bedell got the Seawolves on the board with his team-leading eighth touchdown of the season courtesy of a one-yard run. Gowins, who recorded his second touchdown of the year, jumped to second on the team. It was better late than never for the Seawolves after being stifled by the Rams defense for the better part of the game.

“I think [the first touchdown] was a relief,” Bedell said. “It was definitely something we needed to pick our confidence up. Our defense was playing great all game.”

Though Stony Brook trailed for the majority of the game, its defense ultimately outplayed Rhode Island’s. Junior defensive back Tyrice Beverette led the way for Stony Brook, recording 11 tackles and a sack.

“Any given day, we have a good defense,” Beverette said. “The other days, Shane [Lawless] and Jaheem [Woods] lead. [Saturday] was just my day.”

The Stony Brook defense held Rams redshirt freshman quarterback Jordan Vazzano to completing just 13-30 passes for 100 yards.

Similarly, Rhode Island did an excellent job of shutting down Seawolves redshirt sophomore quarterback Joe Carbone. He was able to complete just six passes on 16 attempts for 64 yards. Only 22 of those yards came in the first half.

“[Carbone] was certainly not on tonight,” Stony Brook Head Coach Chuck Priore said. “Sometimes, players aren’t going to be on and you’ve got to be able to move to the next part of your game. I give Rhode Island some credit.”

Costly flags and a pair of blocked field goals took the wind out of Stony Brook’s sails at multiple occasions as they tried to tie the game. However, the defense stood strong and eventually charged through the Rams defense to send the crowd at Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium home happy.

“We don’t usually lose on Homecoming,” Beverette said. “The last two years I’ve been here, we’ve lost on Homecoming. It gives you a bitter feeling because everyone’s depending on you to have a good time, and if you lose, it’s a disappointment to the fans.”

Fortunately for them, the Seawolves were able to avoid a Homecoming defeat for a third straight season and get back to their Homecoming-winning ways.

The Seawolves will take their two-game winning streak on the road when they travel to Delaware next Saturday. The Rams will host Maine at their own Homecoming festivities in Rhode Island the same day.

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