Everyone knows what happened with Brock Turner­, the white, privileged boy whose position as a former swimmer saved him from any meaningful punishment for sexually assaulting someone. He raped an unconscious girl behind a dumpster at Stanford University and just got out of the California county jail that Judge Persky “sentenced” him to a few days ago. Persky sentenced him to six months in jail, but unfortunately, he was released three months early because of “good behavior.”

For the past three months everyone’s debated furiously about the fact that a rapist was let off super easily just because the judge believed that prison would have a severe impact on his life, as if he didn’t ruin the life of the girl he raped. The girl then had to suffer all the bullshit of getting blamed for him being in jail as if she asked for it. She had to put her life on hold for a whole year while the trial went on and relive the traumatic experience that has marked her for the rest.

That’s what white privilege gets you in this instance: a free ride out of prison.

Turner recently got released from jail, meaning that he’s now returning home to Ohio because, let’s be honest, where else would he go? Especially after his father spent all that time defending his disgusting self?

His welcoming home was a very heart-warming one, if you think about it, for what he did. His neighbors and members of his community were thrilled that he was back home; so thrilled that they decided to send a message out to him and to every other rapist who thinks that just because they’re a star athlete at an elite school that they won’t have any issues. Their message was: “If you try this again, we will shoot you.”

I find this to be very sweet of them because they are doing what should have been asshole Turner’s punishment. He should have served, at a minimum, 14 years in prison. The attorney general decided that instead, he should serve six years in prison. But the worst kind of smack to the face to rape-survivors was letting such a horrible human being let loose after only spending three months in a county jail.

These armed anarchists are doing the public a huge favor—the best kind of favor because even though Turner’s out of jail, he’s being punished.

He is being given a taste of his own medicine: living in fear of others by thinking that they will do him harm. That is what the unconscious girl he raped is going through.

Her life, along with other rape-survivors, has changed forever. The relationship she has with her parents, with her family, with her friends and with her future partners will never be the same. She will now have trust issues. She might never want to be held again with fear that something bad will happen to her. She may not even be able to sleep at night with fear that asshole Turner will come back for her.

Sure, he’s a few thousand miles away from her, but what’s to say that her nightmares will not be a recurring experience that she will have to go through every single day of her life?

Imagine the horror and disgust she felt with herself, with her body, after waking up from being raped. Imagine her having to go to all the trials, only to have been completely pummeled by the judge’s decision. Judge Persky chose a punishment far below the recommended minimum, and in doing so forced rape-survivors to continue living in fear, knowing that their rapists are out free, or will be. They will now only focus on the fact that they don’t want other girls to go through what they went through.

Just imagine that.

So, anarchists are camping outside asshole Turner’s house with firearms?


It is, after all, their Second Amendment right to bear arms, is it not? Our country completely defends the Second Amendment so there shouldn’t be an issue at all with them doing that. Especially because Ohio is an open carry state, and because they aren’t really threatening him, they’re just warning him from the sidewalks near his house, which fortunately as everyone knows is public property. Huge difference.

Just like the judge decided that asshole Turner shouldn’t have his life severely impacted by going to prison, the armed anarchists are just deciding that other girls shouldn’t be severely impacted by having him or other assholes that rape girls get away with it.

So you know what my message is to you, dear armed anarchists? It’s “thank you.” Thank you for defending our rape-survivors. Thank you for doing a better job than our justice system, because it sure as hell isn’t doing its job. Thank you for being the “police” here, stepping in and defending our rape-survivors. I, along with just about any other reasonable person, appreciate it.


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