Giddy Up

I have had a friendship with a want to be cowgirl for

eight years and each year she becomes more striking.

She has helped me through all of my problems and dried my suffocating tears.

Never once did my mistakes change her opinion of me.

I have always been to her liking.

I have to admit, she provokes my nerves.

She is feisty, has the tendency to be melancholy,

is a word twister and she can do a three-sixty in months.

Although she can infuriate me, there is not a time when

I don’t enjoy her company. Our friendship is stronger than any man

I have let hold my hand. In her art, her eyes, and heart I can see that our bond is

potentially everlasting; it is grand.


Say I Do

A marriage should be long and strong.

Either can do no wrong in love.

To face all obstacles that come along.

Means that love is love, when push comes to shove.

A man commits to a woman.

To stand by her in sickness and in health.

He says yes I will; yes I can.

It does not matter if she has no wealth.

But if I may be so bold as to say

If one cheats and lies, it dies.

The marriage may end that one sad day.

When the heart breaks it cries.

With true love there is no deceit.


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