Hello again, SBU students! I come to you via printed page to discuss something very important. I find I have to address a very serious problem with students at this fine university — they aren’t using enough lube or using it properly. I have had the joy of handing out condoms and lube to students on more than one occasion, and what I have noticed is that many people just don’t take the lube even though, quite frankly, the condoms they are taking aren’t lubricated enough. Now, I know this probably doesn’t seem like a real problem, but it is. Lube is the best stuff of all the stuff. People who complain about condoms not feeling good? You are not using enough lube. People who are struggling getting anal to work? Use more lube. People who masturbate a lot? Lube is a good idea. Lube is like a magic potion. However some lube is better than others. I strongly recommend a water-based lube, free of parabens, sugar and glycerin. Basically, it shouldn’t have sugary stuff in it and it shouldn’t be something that could react poorly with silicone sex toys. Sugary things can cause irritation or yeast infections and are simply not a good idea. My number one recommendation is Sliquid H2O. It is very wet, as lube should be, is water based, and is non irritating. It is unflavored, unscented and hypoallergenic — and also vegan. These are all good things. I like lube that can be used for pretty much everything — cuts down on the bedside clutter a bit. Now go forth my children and lubricate yourselves and your loved ones… as long as they are cool with that.


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