Growing up as a dancer, I wore my tutus out. It was acceptable for the cute four-year-old to wear a pink, frilly skirt with her sparkly ballet flats… Who would have thought that nearly 15 years later, it would become a fashion trend?

Betsey Johnson is a renowned fashion designer who not only incorporates radical prints from the 60s, 70s and 80s, but also gives every woman the chance to be a punk rock star just like Lita Ford.

She’s almost 73 years old but this fashion icon still does her branded cartwheel into a split at the end of each fashion show – leading to her stint on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” last summer. She tangoed and did the cha-cha in the most clutch fashion that all her fans drooled over.

Now, practically 10 months after she appeared on TV, Betsey has teamed up with another legendary company—but one that little tap dancers, ballet princesses and dance moms all know called Capezio.

Dancewear has always been so boring. We either wear a pink or black leotard, boring-ass tutu’s or yoga pants from PINK. We needed some individuality in the dance studio and thank God Betsey came through because now these dancers can look punk, pretty and powerful as we plié, chassé and pirouette across the floor.

The new line includes sports bras, dance bags, leggings, tank tops and loose fitting crop tops that will make any dancer feel cool. However, the biggest – and most expensive of the bunch – is the adorable tutu dress typical of any Betsey gown… a tube top seamlessly stitched together with a sparkly, frilly skirt.

Now speaking from the perspective of someone who’s been dancing since she was potty trained who grew up with no knowledge of style, the outfits are something that every dancer needs. The pieces are colorful, form fitting and just the right amount of lace to give an edgy but feminine vibe yet follow the movements of the performer.

Johnson’s collection varies in price running from $30 to $50 with the exception of one tutu dress that is only $125. For Betsey pieces alone, the value is extraordinary.
But let’s be real—the best part of this whole combination is the fact that Dance Moms spawn and child-Sia impersonating Maddy Ziegler is the poster child for all of this fashion greatness. It’s about time us ballerina’s became punk.

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