Until Dawn a very strange experience. It’s  a AAA PS4 game trying to be a B horror movie,a strange combination. Its to the credit of the people over at Supermassive that they managed to put this thing together at all.

The game puts the player in charge of a bunch of teenagers that look a lot like hot twenty-somethings, who are up on a mountain, alone (or so they think), in a big, scary mansion in the woods.

The player gets to take turns playing the different teens and help them do things like have snowball fights, play silly pranks on each other and perform field amputations. It’s a cinematic game, part walking simulator and part quicktime event madness. The quicktime events vary between normal ones where you press a button at a certain time, and annoying ones where you have to hold perfectly still, so still you have to hold your breath.

The game mimics all B horror movies in all of the important ways. The characters will split up to explore the spooky house, there will be some teenagers kissing and you will almost certainly yell at the television once or twice as you wonder why you can’t put in a cheat code to make the characters make better life choices. Based on your ability to simulate walking and explore the game, fighting the camera the whole way and perform well under pressure during quick time events, the story can unfold in a number of ways, leaving you with one of a number of endings.

The game is about 8 hours long, with a decent replay value, and I recommend that people rent it even if they aren’t willing to buy it at full price.


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