Abstract: The typical female – oversized sweater, large infinity scarf, a pair of tan UGG boots and a messy bun on top of her head. She may have some makeup on, but it’ll be light. But a true sign of her is the venti pumpkin spice latte she holds in hand… maybe a Frappuccino if it’s warm out.

A recent student was developed to decipher the opposite of this species known as “The Basic Bitch.” This study put different types of males under the microscope. We surveyed different cliques of men who would be the male definition of the basic bitch.

Of all the different types within the male species, a graph has been made to accurately portray the male version of the basic bitch. The basic bro.

Cephalic: Short hair covered by a visor placedbro on the side, sometimes a snapback.

Pectoral: Tanned chest usually covered by a white wife beater or LAX hoodie in the colder temperatures.

Umbilical: Abs strategically shown in Instagram mirror selfies to show male dominance and gym dedication.

Genital: Small.

Crural: Covered by high sports socks, usually in the white or black colors.

Pedal: Adidas flip flops, even in the winter season.

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