It all started with the invitation.

A small, clear zippered envelope filled with rice labeled “Pre-Nup” was handed out to those in attendance. Her fashion show was going to be a wedding.

However, the fun and quirky Betsey Johnson definitely delivered at Spring 2015 New York Fashion Week. The crazy, blonde-haired veteran designer took a new political stance on the runway. She celebrated marriage equality.

New York became the seventh state in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriage in 2011. Since then, thousands of couples have walked down the aisle, despite negative commentary from others, and Johnson decided to make it the theme to showcase her new collection.

The best part of the show – besides the amazing wedding gowns and sexy see-through dresses – was the fact that she used transgender models to strut down the runway, decked out in huge heels and tons of elaborate makeup.

Willam Belli, a star drag queen from RuPaul’s hit reality show, modeled a flirtatious blue mini dress looking like a pin-up goddess.

Sharon Needles, another famous drag queen, looked stunning in a white wedding gown and a pair of Betsey Blue wedding heels.

And towards the end, America’s Next Top Model transgender contestant, Isis King, looked hotter than hell as she rocked a mini black jumpsuit.

The show ended with Betsey doing her famous cartwheel (along with her granddaughter) as they fell into a split together. Her show, like every other one, was one big party, but this one had a deeper meaning.

The fact that Betsey used non-typical models to portray her new bridal collection – especially during a time when culture is changing – is remarkable.

Her love for all people is inspiring and her show, we think, definitely won fashion week this year.

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