In August 2000, fast-food chain superstar, Burger King,  did something remarkable for teenage girls across the nation. They began selling exclusive Backstreet Boys CDs and VHS tapes with the purchase of any value meal.


The three CDs were titled, For the Fans, and were color-coordinated per volume.  Disc one was a dark red, disc two was a dark indigo and finally disc three – hard to come by – was a bright yellow, a piece of gold found in the dark depths of fast food grease.


Discs one and two featured six songs including number one hits like “Larger Than Life” and “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely,” but also as a nice little treat we got hidden bonus tracks and live recordings of our favorite boy band.


They also released a VHS tapa that featured them live in concert for the unfortunate ones who never saw them live at Jones Beach.


This was a great marketing tool and that’s what we should miss. Instead of illegally downloading music or using MP3 players – younger versions of us would be so confused today – we should go back to a time where not only could you get fries, a burger and a soda but also a heaping dose of poptastic music sung by our favorites, A.J., Nick, Brian, Kevin and Howie.


If you’re still a die-hard BSB fan today and you missed out on these totally rad CD’s, don’t fret. Luckily, they’re on eBay starting at a bid of $1.25. Unfortunately for those who bought 30 of the discs thinking they’d be collector’s items 14 years ago, they’re only making $1.25.

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