My name is Dakota Eye and I am a semi professional pervert. I am also a full time undergrad here at SBU. I am an art major, but I am rarely asked about my art, what types of paint to buy or which type of paper is best for screen printing. Instead, I have become known as something of an expert on all things sex.


On a regular basis I am asked about what brand of condoms are vegan, what lube is best for for silicone toys and how a person can come out as polyamorous. As the vice president of SBU The Next Generation, the campus club that specializes in alternative sex, sexuality and sex education, I lead discussions on all sorts of sexual topics. I have also talked about female sexuality and slut walks at Suffolk County Community College Women’s Week. I have been an active member of the BDSM and LGBTA communities for a number of years. For many students and even faculty, I have become someone to turn to to talk to SBU students about sex, to provide them with information and some entertainment and promote the idea that sex can be fun and easy to talk about. So I offer myself up for questions.


Have a sex or relationship question? Email me at or ask questions via Twitter by tweeting @semiproperv, and I’ll answer some in my next column, right here in The Stony Brook Press.


And in the meantime, remember that the school can help as well. Here is a list of very useful numbers-

•  Medical Clinic: 632-6740

•  GYN Clinic: 632-6740

•  Social Worker: 632-6740

•  Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 632-6720

•  University Police: 632-3333


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