The weather this winter on Long Island has been disturbing. The snow has been brutal and vicious in both quantity and frequency. The ice has been as treacherous as it is covering. It has been called a Polar Vortex by some but there have not been many sightings.

It’s obvious that we’ve had lots of snow and ice but it isn’t obvious that God’s icy fist is descending on our trembling homestead. Or that the world is gonna end in less than 100 years for mankind. That being said, people are saying the snow has been a burden and a problem for them personally. Indeed, it has been weighing down on many a roof and curb. Well you might say the snow is in the way, but I would say it’s in most of them. And it’s true, it’s nearly everywhere.

If the statistics show anything, which they usually do, it’s global warming. That’s clear from the cycles of cold, which are both well researched as they are well understood. In fact, most people probably understand the statistics and records well enough to agree with this shocking statement. As we know people tend to listen to the opinion of the scientific community because it’s usually right.

Well, we can definitely say that it’s nice to warm up by the metaphorical fire. Or the electric one which is nearly metaphorical but not really. And while we’re enjoying a glass of rye or gin by said questionable blaze, we can look at the snow sheet and say, “I’m glad I’m not you.” Or, we can look at the pedestrians there and do the same.

Most people hear the forecast on the news and say, “Damn, I have to drive slow today better leave early,” or “Damn my kids are going to get their pants wet and I’ll have to put in another wash.” But I just say “I’m too old to be playing in the snow. People are going to think I’m weird.” Wherever you are in these wintery and magical conditions stay warm. Report to Starbucks, and cook for yourself because that’s kind of cool and most people in this school are too lazy to cook and it’s good for you.

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