1. Long and Straggly

If you’re Brad Pitt, fine—go for it. Otherwise, it’s probably not the best look.beards

Gandolf, Dumbledore and Jafar as the old man in Aladdin make it work but wait a couple decades for this one.

2. Full Wooly Mammoth

Men who can, let your freak flags fly: DO IT. A thick mane says, “I’m a man.”

Look at Duck Dynasty: They’ve made millions off their signature looks. The Red Sox won the World Series after superstitiously throwing out their razors.

“Oh you can let your stubble loose? That’s nice. I can grow a beard.”

3. The Mangora

This is the ideal. While not quite as obviously impressive as a full, thick beard, this done right is definitely the most attractive option.

This close, cropped look makes anyone look sophisticated and more respectable. Rocked by everyone’s mancrush, Jon Hamm, anyone can make this work.

No-shave-November doesn’t mean you have to be completely uncouth. Feel free to trim, snip or shape your facial hair for your personal preference. It does take a little work but think of the rewards.

4. Mustache, Fu Manchu, and Everything In Between

Hold off doing this kind manscaping until the end of the season. November is your excuse to let everything go—don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

Personal preference, wait until after the end of the month to bring out the razor but at the very least give yourself ample time to grow what you can.

Afterwards, feel free to scrape off whatever you want. Go from Wolverine to goatee to soul patch if you want. Your face is your canvass—get creative.

5. Chinstraps

Just don’t.

6. Stubble

No one can resist a five o’clock shadow. Everyone knows each individual grow facial hair at different speeds and it’s not always pretty especially when you only have four weeks.

That’s completely understandable. However, almost everyone can get a little stubble going. It might take you the whole month. It might only be a week-to-week thing. But why not take part in being even lazier than the average man?


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