#1) You don’t need half the stuff you buy for your dorm room. Invest in a waist high fridge, a small water boiler, and Tide. Wash your sheets kiddies, your rooms aren’t large and airy, and before you know it it’ll start reeking of pizza crusts and nightly sweats.

#2) Talk to your roommates. No for real, get to know them. Figure out who these people are, and establish a level of communication. Let them know from the beginning that you like a clean room, or if you don’t mind music being played in the room. If you don’t mention it in person, you’ll have to wait to take action until any problems arise, and by then it’s harder to avoid annoying behavior.

#3) Be Prepared: People have sex. Talk to your roommates/suitemates about this. If you have a significant other, be considerate. Neither of you are paying for a triple. If you want to get freaky, keep your roommate informed and have the decency to keep it quiet for those on the other side of the wall. Play some music and keep your moaning to a minimum. Hear no coitus, see no coitus, speak no coitus?

#4) Go to class. College isn’t high school. You can’t just cram everything the night before. The classes meet less often, and are much more difficult than the curriculum you’re used to. If you’re struggling in a class, let the TA (Teaching Assistant) know. If you miss class, you’ll fall behind and stuck explaining your 2.5 GPA to your parents and your loan officer.

#5) Tutors are free. There are tutors on campus that will ask you to pay large sums for their services. I can’t claim that their sessions won’t help you, but there are free services all over campus. They’re FREE. Take advantage of them. There’s no reason to pay $60 an hour when you can learn the same material for no money at all.

#6) Be active. Go to homecoming and Roth Regatta and get involved. This is college, a place specifically designed for you to make new friends. The campus offers a range of events every day, but no one is going to come knocking on your door with the word “fun” on their forehead. It’s what you make of it, so do some research and check out a couple of clubs.
#7) Greeks are adding you on Facebook for a reason. No, they’re not looking at your status updates. It’s called “rushing.” Fraternity brothers an sorority sisters are probably scrolling through the “Stony Brook Class of 2017” Facebook page right now to see who their next pledge could be. It’s up to you if you want to join or not, but research your options before you settle for any organization. Besides, you can’t pledge your first semester as a freshman (legally.)

#8) Party status updates. No one cares if you’re getting wasted at a party. More than half the University is older than you and can buy their own booze. They don’t settle for jungle juice.

#9) Don’t die of Alcohol poisoning. People die of alcohol poisoning. It’s real. Don’t think that you’re immune just because you can chug a couple of forties and “seem” okay. If someone is unresponsive do not hesitate to call the University Police Department (631) 632-3333. You won’t be arrested, and the person will be treated at the university hospital. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

#10) Take summer classes. Often you’ll find that you will change your major, add a major or possibly retake a class. Not everyone graduates in four years. It’s not a bad thing if you don’t, but if you take classes during summer or winter sessions, you can stay on track.

#11) Go to Advising. Want to stay on track with graduation? Go to advising in the Melville Library, Room E-2360. If you want to focus on your major’s courses, contact your department advisor.

#12) Enjoy it. These four years will fly. You’ll see.

#13) Don’t ever wear your undergraduate key chain ever, even if they match your outfit. Seriously, don’t do it.

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