The left-wing, independent Radical Student Union and the right-wing, nationwide Young Americans for Freedom both held events in the SAC on Wednesday in which they both distributed literature and rallied for their causes.

One group was appalled that the government wasn’t funding a program they considered important. The other group railed against tax increases levied by a Democratic governor.

You wouldn’t believe who did what.

The RSU held a third floor teach-in to discuss the new budgets at every level of government.

They were questioning the validity of paying into public health services, a position most liberals would scoff at over their expensive lattes. And the tree-hugging Prius drivers may have something to say about their objections to additional taxes on oil.

They also want to micromanage their tuition dollars. It turns out that the RSU doesn’t like it when their money is being spent aborting foreign dictators (SUNY invests in the military).

The style of the rhetoric may sound conservative, but at least the ideas were liberal. They advocated for cheaper public education and protested regressive taxes.

The YAF held a ground floor protest in order to get funding for their club after they were denied because their mission statement was too similar to the College Republicans.

It turns out that the coiled-snake-waving conservatives are huge fans of government redundancies, especially those that fund multiple organizations designed to do the same thing.

The national YAF even sought legal action against the administration, the same administration that has nothing to do with funding clubs, calling them a bunch of ‘leftists’

These conservatives are requesting public financing for political debate. I thought they were all about money being equivalent to free speech. Now all of sudden they think free speech is free?

If the YAF does receive a budget as a result of their lawsuit, the administration should expect a series of well-funded protests against their far-left practices like advocating for public-private partnerships, cutting down acres of forest, or making the deepest cuts to the arts departments.

Or maybe they just want more student activities money to pay for their CPAC hotel rooms again next year. Come to think of it, simple greed is enough of a motive to get most conservatives screaming at the government. I guess they’re not so confused after all…

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