Glenn Beck is at it again, this time with anti-Semitic comments. On Tuesday’s radio show, he said that Reform Jews are “almost like… radical Islamists.” Desperate to rebound from his falling ratings, it seems as though Beck is ready to hit all time lows.

Not that I really need to say it, but what he said isn’t true. Not even ‘almost.’ Reform Jews put a modern, progressive spin on the ancient religion. They also tend to be liberal. Radical Islamists completely derange their religion and kill people. They tend to be insane.

It’s really hard to see the connection here, but Glenn does. I’m guessing its the same way that only he can see that labor unions in Wisconsin are radical Islamists fighting to install Shari’ah law.

The Anti-Defamation League pounced on Beck for his comments, and rightly so.

Beck half-apologized, (which is actually pretty extraordinary given that its Glenn Beck that we’re talking about) but that shouldn’t get him off the hook. This isn’t the first time that he’s tried to connect perfectly reasonable people who he happens to disagree with to a group of completely unrelated murderers.

When I say half-apologized, I mean that he chalked it up to the stresses of his difficult job. “I’m on the air for four hours a day, unscripted,” said Beck. “It’s a recipe for disaster.”

Agreed. But most people can talk for their whole lives without spewing as much inflammatory venom as Beck does in four hours. Even so, he did apologize. I just don’t believe he’s sorry.

Maybe if Glenn stops saying Nazi when he means to say socialist, I might believe him. Maybe if Glenn stops saying socialist when he means to say Democrat, I might believe him. But he won’t. Its how he makes 32 million dollars a year.

No, Glenn Beck isn’t sorry for being a hateful bigot, not this time nor any time. He’s rich for it.

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