So I can’t say I really get to read The Press all that much anymore since my graduation but I do manage to read it sometimes.  Unfortunately, law school reading keeps me fairly busy.  Ok fairly is not the right word at all.  Law school keeps me so busy I couldn’t even continue to write my column like I said I would when I graduated two years ago.  But there is one thing that is striking to me.  Has The Press gone soft? I was in class today and got a bit bored because it was the review session, I clicked over The Press’s website to see what was going on in the Stony Brook world.  I was shocked.  What happened to pushing the boundaries? What happened to all the satire? What happened to the reviews of porno, and pictures of tits?  Has The Press gone soft? What I found was actual news.  A real report of what was going on at the Brook, not that there is anything wrong with real news, but at the same time, there was no octopus covered in condoms.  There was no dildo stuck on the wall.  Did The Press’s sense of humor retire with Shirley Strum Kenny? Is the new provost enforcing a strict rule against having any fun?

Now, I don’t mean to call out any of the current staffers.  I absolutely respect the time and effort you put into writing and editing the paper (trust me I know), but bring back the fun.  Push the boundaries.  Write things that get you border line sued.  If not for yourselves, at least do it to pay respect to the staffers that came before you.  Pay homage to the road we paved for you; the road that was layered with dirty condoms, explicit lesbian sex stories, and Beerfests.  Do it because you can still do it.  Trust me; once you graduate you won’t be able too.  If you do decide to go to law school, grad school, med school, or any other “professional” institution you will be forced to write dry articles.  You will no longer be able to write anything inappropriate.  Seriously, push the envelope while you still can.  Bring back the inappropriateness of The Press we all grew to know and love.  Put the dildo back on the wall.


Ilyssa Fuchs

Press Alum, 2007

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