The enigmatic graffiti artist known to many as simply “Walter” (see our coverage here) was arrested on Wednesday by Campus Police and charged with criminal mischief and possession of graffiti instruments (which to me means anyone with a sharpie).

Turns out “Walter” is 20 year old student Jesse Jay Ryker, according to University Police.

Here’s the UPD release:


During the spring and fall 2010 semesters, University Police had been receiving reports and witnessing the end result of countless incidents of making graffiti throughout the Stony Brook University campus. The graffiti tag “Walter” was placed throughout the academic mall, campus buildings, bus shelters, light poles, garbage pails, and campus buses.

After a comprehensive investigation, review of surveillance photos, and interviews with campus personnel, University Police identified a person of interest. On the morning of December 1, the person was observed in the act of placing another graffiti sticker, and arrested. Jesse Jay Ryker, 20, a Stony Brook University commuter student, was processed at University Police headquarters and transported to the Suffolk County Police Department. He was later removed to Suffolk County Criminal courts for arraignment on charges which include Criminal Mischief, 4th Degree, Possession of Graffiti Instruments, and Criminal Mischief, 3rd Degree.

“This investigation was successfully closed due to the tireless efforts of the University Detectives, and was greatly augmented from valuable information provided by members of the campus community which ultimately led to the identification of the suspect,” said Chief Robert Lenahan. “It is a great testament to the character of Stony Brook University when students and other members of the campus community actively contribute to upholding community standards.”

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