Bob Harper stated on last week’s episode of The Biggest Loser that most of the show’s past winners weren’t at work in the weeks before the finale. They focused exclusively on the weight loss. Season 10 winner Patrick House didn’t have to worry about his job. He doesn’t have one. The $250,000 prize he won had been his only hope for supporting his family of four.

This season of Biggest Loser is based around the theme of ‘Pay it Forward.’ While some of the incredible acts of charity on this season were encouraged and funded by the producers, at least one was completely spontaneous. While competing in a race that promised a new car to the winner, front runners Ada and Brandon decided to slow down and wait for Patrick, who was behind them, in third. In an incredible act of kindness, they allowed him to win the car because he needed it most.

The Biggest Loser has grown so much over the last few years. The show began as a gender-biased, cut-throat competition filled with cruel ‘temptations’, or piles of junk food placed near the obese contestants while they tried to loose weight. Since then, the producers have removed the junk food and leveled the playing field by changing to a percentage-of-weight-loss system. The trainers have also made changes by focusing on the contestant’s emotional issues and creating a support-group-like atmosphere.

Facing the harsh and increasingly prevalent realities of obesity and unemployment, Patrick turned to The Biggest Loser. After all, who else was hiring?

Patrick’s gamble paid off. Not only did he win the money, he won his life back. I know it sounds cliche, but its true. He will live longer, spend less money on food, and he’s more likely to get a job. Patrick now has an impressive resume. He managed to 181 lose pounds, or around 45% of his body weight through hard work and a desire to feed his family. That type of determination is sure to impress an employer somewhere.

Congratulations, Patrick. You’re an inspiration.

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