Already stuffed from your lavish Thanksgiving meal?  Well, The Press has cooked up an all-you-can-eat Adult Swim buffet!  Instead of focusing on one game this week, the gang has decided to tackle a boatload of games from Adult Swim – the only channel you watch after 11:00PM that isn’t porn.

Of course, it’s recommended you head over to their site and check out their awesome list of games before listening.  The games we talk about, in order, are:

Amateur Surgeon

Give Up Robot 2

Fantasy Telemarketer

Corporate Climber

Bible Fight

Viva Caligula

Victorian BMX

My Lil’ Bastard

Robot Unicorn Attack

Robot Unicorn Attack (Metal Edition!)

Once you’ve had your fill, click the player below to listen now or download it to your device of choice!

Keep your eyes on our Twitter (@sbpress) and our Facebook page for more info about the game or games to be featured on our next show!



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