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Walter, the graffiti artist who uses Postal Service stickers to put his tags up all over campus, now has his own fan site. is a website dedicated to publishing Walter’s work. The site was made to ‘show appreciation and curiosity’ for the tagger. They refer to him as Bruce Wayne, who is Batman’s secret identity, and say that they don’t want a campus wide witch hunt for him as a result of their work.

The site’s homepage has photographs of over 40 separate tags left by Walter described by location. It encourages students to e-mail them pictures of any new ones. It also gives them the opportunity to ask questions of Walter despite claiming elsewhere on the site that they don’t know Walter, but would like to.

The creators of the fan site refer to themselves as Clandestine and E. Nygma and insist that they are ‘under a silent obligation’ as reporters not to reveal his identity. We attempted to contact them for our story, but all they would offer was encouragement to ‘go for it’.

Walter has also inspired another individual to put up tags with the letter “P” surrounded by wings and a halo. Unlike Walter, this person prints his or her tags out from the computer and tapes them to polls, making them far easier to remove.

Campus Police are on the look out for Walter and would appreciate any information on him or his whereabouts. Unfortunately they can not offer us any comment on the website or Walter himself because they are in the middle of an active investigation.

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