Dear Press,

Life sometimes feels like a riDdle.  It is true that with every step we take, it is always one step closer to the grave.  We have no way to truly go back in timE and defy our own death.  Maybe I have been going about this situation in the wrong manner.  Let me start with a question.  Why have you decided to leave the phrase “Death Egg Zone” off of the back cover of the Press?

I am an advocate for trAdition on this campus.  Stony Brook University is a young school and I believe that we must try to hold onto as many traditions as possible.  WithouT history, how will we know where we came from?  It is the past that we use to define ourselves.  Traditions from the past give us that small glimpse into the inner workings of why we do wHat we do.

Do you know the story bEhind the printing of the phrase “Death Egg Zone” onto the back of the Press?  I wish that I could come up with an elaborate story involving the eating of “sandwiches” and playinG hours of Sonic 2 in the basement of the Union.  The Death Egg Zone is the last board in the beloved Sega Genesis game Sonic 2.  Maybe past editors found it ironic that this phrase was found on the last page.  It was a signature endinG each issue of the Press.

Whatever the true buZz behind the phrase, it is a true Stony Brook Tradition.  It is at least over five years old.  The oldest Stony Brook traditional event is Only 25 years old.  That means that the phrase at hand is at least a fifth of the age of such a highly regarded traditional event.  I always hope to returN to Stony Brook as an alumnus and expErience a traditional issue of the Press like it was meant to be; with a happy ending.




You again!? Get off our lawn.

The Press

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