Nirvani Williams


Stony Brook University held its fourth annual TEDx event on Friday, November 4. The event, aptly named “Heads or Tales,” brought many of the school’s department heads and alumni on stage to talk about their own work in relation to the goings-on in the world today. The science and the arts merged that night as everything from techno-infused classical music to antibiotic-resistant bacteria was discussed and  graduate student   Lyl Tomlinson hosted the event. Practicing lawyer and 1985 graduate Nancy Burner was one of the  few alumni who took the stage.Self-identified as “super lawyer,” she spoke about the ways society will have to cope with an aging population. “Lots of times we look at the media and see a youth-obsessed society,” she said. “The fact is we need to find a different measure.” By coming to terms with her own age, Burner hopes to give others in what she calls the…