If there is ever a Fight Club remake, “DAYWALKER!” deserves a spot on the soundtrack. The song has a slightly scary, yet edgy energy that gives the song a “moments-before-the-slasher-kills-his-next-victim” vibe mixed with a high speed chase feel.

The lyrics are punchy and badass, the song opening with the line “punch that motherfucker in the face.” I mean, I’m not gonna argue with Machine Gun Kelly — let’s punch that motherfucker in the face.

The chorus is built around chants of “fight, fight!” which give off serious Fight Club vibes — they sound like a grimey basement, spattered with blood and sweat. This song makes me want to beat someone up — understandably so — but it also makes me want to watch Machine Gun Kelly beat someone up too (that’s normal, right?)

And then CORPSE comes in.

Holy fucking shit man.

The signature deep voice that gave CORPSE his fame is the cherry on top of the metaphorical sundae. Like, I’m already down to beat the shit outta someone, but CORPSE’s gravely “when I find this motherfucker and I lay him in his grave” just seals the deal. Now I definitely want to watch one of them — CORPSE or Machine Gun Kelly, I’m not picky — beat the shit out of someone. When CORPSE’s background vocals — or, more accurately, screams —  are added to the mix, you get a recipe for a solid fucking song. The repetition of the line “If I tell you a secret, will you keep it?” by both MGK and CORPSE adds to the already present suspense. What is your secret? (I mean, obviously, yes I will keep it.)

The single’s imagery is also worth mentioning. On the  cover, two teeth sit in a pool of blood on a tiled floor. Hellooooo, Fight Club vibes anyone? The album art has no text on it, which makes it even more ominous — it’s almost like, “okay, I know this song is gonna be a wild time, but just how wild is it gonna be?”

After talking about the imagery of the song, it feels wrong to ignore the music video, which also takes inspiration from Fight Club. The opening shots look like they’re taken right off of a security camera, and of course there’s a fist fight going on (punch that mother fucker in the face). It then cuts to a scene of MGK in what looks like an interrogation room, and it’s almost like he’s talking to himself — which, if you’ve seen Fight Club, is another obvious homage to the film. 

When CORPSE’s part of the song begins, YouTuber Valkyrae takes the stage, subbing in for him because, as many CORPSE fans know, he doesn’t show his face — and hasn’t since the start of his YouTube career. It’s like a fun little mystery — what does CORPSE look like? Guess we’ll never know.

The overall gorey, bloody imagery of the music video matches the single’s album art, and the overall vibe of the song. “There’s an invisible voice that is talkin’ to me and it’s always tellin’ me to kill.” 

UGH! The brutality of anger!

And, to top it all off, the video ends with CORPSE giving a thunderous “the end.”  The whole song is a rollercoaster ride of terror, but the part of me that thrives off of anything creepy and dark and vaguely horror is having a field day. It’s almost the same amount of joy I’d get from reading a badboy!AU fanfic in high school. Is joy the right word? Probably not, but it’s fine. You get the idea.

 So, I guess, to quote CORPSE, “the end.”


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