Fall is finally here, and I know the sweat crawling down your forehead is contradicting that statement, but it is here and that means it’s time to get fresh.  If you haven’t noticed every fashion magazine packs their pages with so much content for their fall issues they turn into mini bibles just so they can discuss the latest trends.  I’m going to cut out the middleman and give you a little walkthrough of all the things that I think will be staples for fall.


Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket became a fashion staple last year popping up on runways and high fashion brand lookbooks before trickling down into most fast fashion brands.  For this season I recommend injecting some life into the black and army green colorways by getting a bomber jacket that has bold patterns like floral or camo prints.


Souvenir Jackets

The Souvenir Jacket had a surge in popularity for streetwear and high fashion over the last few months.  Ryan Gosling moonlighted as getaway driver for his hit 2011 film Drive where he was spotted wearing a custom designed scorpion embroidered souvenir jacket.  Popular souvenir jacket designs incorporate Japanese or Chinese styled dragons, cherry blossoms or floral patterns. The jacket is steeped in the history of Japanese youth culture while also being known for its bold designs and and striking colors.


Turtle Necks

I may be jumping the gun but i’m willing to burn for a dope fit.  The minute the trees start shedding leaves and I feel a small breeze I throw on turtlenecks.  Try picking up a light weight fabric and something that’s breathable. Save the knitwear and ugly sweaters for winter.  Make sure you get a nice fitted silhouette because nothing looks worse then someone swimming in a pool of fabric.


Raw Denim

I don’t think there’s a bad time to get your hands on a pair of raw denim.  Raw denim is crazy expensive but it’s also sewn together so it can last you through all four treacherous years of college. The denim starts off really uncomfortable but eventually the fabric loosens and shapes to your body. Be prepared to go down a denim rabbit hole though, there are entire subcultures and forums on the internet obsessing over raw denim fades.  There’s people on the internet doing math equations and Breaking Bad chemical combinations to get the perfect creases.  There are terms like, “Waft,” “Hige,” and “Sanforized” that’s all really unnecessary to explain but it just goes to show how real the denim game can get.  Raw denim is basically a commitment and you have to be prepared to invest an uncomfortable amount of time waiting for it to come together.


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