“Revenge is in god’s hands not mine”. These words were spoken by Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) in  The Revenant. The picture is set in the 1820’s, in the rural American West. As the juncture emerges, Glass is dreadfully mauled by a bear and shortly becomes a burden to his pack of other hunters. As they leave him behind and kill his only son, Glass must make use of his survival skills in order to persevere and alleviate his thirst for vengeance. His pursuit becomes difficult as he tracks down John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), the man who dug Glass a grave and left him for dead.


The director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has created a mind-blowing story and I must say I was impressed. I left the theater feeling satisfied It definitely surpassed my expectations. The best part of the film was the scenery, I was completely mesmerized. specifically by the view of the chilly wasteland. A wasteland that was all shot in natural lighting throughout the entire movie.  


Leonardo was not only purely committed to his role. It was easy to feel his pain. His character was constantly near starvation, hyperthermia and infection. The most difficult part to watch was the death of his son, Hawk (Forest Goodluck). It was completely heart breaking to see Hawk’s blood drip onto the snowy blanket as his father watched.


It was astonishing to then discover that the entire flick was inspired by the true story of Hugh Glass, a fur trader who was born in Pennsylvania in 1780. He crawled his way back to civilization with a broken leg and plunging scars on his back that exposed his ribs.


Overall, this film is a must-watch! Inarritu exposes the power and determination of the human psyche. It unravels into an incredible story about betrayal, loss and survival. Hands down an amazing film.


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