People ask me a LOT of questions about sex and related topics. A huge amount of those questions are prefaced with something about how nervous or anxious the person is to even be asking the question. Anxiety and stress are both huge problems when it comes to sex. It keeps people from communicating with their partners, finding partners and sometimes can prevent them from having sex with existing partners. People with anxiety disorders often take medicine that can cause erectile disfunction or a lowered libido, which can sometimes be a source of more stress. However, orgasms, whether from sex or masturbation, can actually help to alleviate stress.

Here are some ideas for sexy stress relief, alone or with a partner:

  • Pour some hot water over your head, or sit in it. A bath or shower, alone or with a friend, is a great way to relieve stress and also an awesome place to masturbate. People who tend to get a lot of UTIs should stick with showers. A good sexy addition is yummy smelling soap. Lather yourself or a partner and enjoy that slippery-skin feeling.
  • Massages are awesome. Get some lotion or body oil and rub yourself down. Or rub down a friend. Or cover a group of consenting adults in super slick goodness and just roll around naked. This will leave you with smooth skin and reduced stress. Just make sure to put some towels down first.
  • Consume something tasty. Post-Valentine’s Day, chocolate is cheap. Eat some of that. Or some fruit. Or fruit dipped in chocolate. Maybe eat it off your partner. Snacks are fun and fun is good. And snacks during sex just means more energy for sex. Bored of the whole “fruit and chocolate” thing? Try Nutella, or honey, or frosting. Really, you could lick Sriracha off a person as long as everyone involved knows it’s going to burn like shit. Just keep all the treats out of the vagina/urethra/eyes/nose because really, food doesn’t belong there. You want ants? That’s how you get ants.
  • Watch a sexy film. Not 50 Shades. Maybe Secretary? Maybe some “Awesome Crashpad” series porn? Maybe some old episodes of “Whisker Wars” (I have my own ideas about what’s sexy). The point is, watch something sexy. Watch it alone in bed with your sex toy of choice. Watch it with a partner in a slightly bigger bed. Watch it with a group of close friends and analyze the artistic merits of the piece.
  • Work it out. Yeah yeah, exercise is good for stress we all know that, but you know what else can be good? Being too tired and sore to even think about anything, and that doesn’t have to come from a gym. Instead of watching a movie about BDSM, maybe try some out yourself. Spanking is fun and doesn’t require any fancy toys. Aim for the fleshy parts of the butt and thighs and make sure to use a safe word.

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