So, you wanna have an orgy. Orgies are sexual encounters with a large number of people. Anything more than a threesome can safely be defined as an orgy. How you get more than three people into a space and happy to have sex with each other is your own business, but once you have everyone together, these are some helpful tips for making the night go smoothly. Set aside an area for sex and sexual play, and an area for hanging out and casual interaction. This is key if the people involved in the orgy don’t all know each other that well. The sexy time area should be clean and have plenty of space. If the only beds available are small, consider tossing a bunch of blankets on the ground along with some pillows. You should also have a place for everyone to store clothes, shoes and personal items so nothing gets messy. The bathroom should be clean, and stocked with fresh towels and wet wipes. People will be getting sweaty and sticky, it’s just what happens, sex is a little messy. In the same vein, there are ways to keep your space clean even during the drippiest, stickiest sex. Puppy pads. Yes, the ones people put in dog crates. Similar pads are used in hospitals, they’re just absorbent, disposable ads that can be laid down on a surface to keep it neat. Puppy pads (sometimes called chucks), are cheap and will keep sheets and blankets clean. You should also set out barriers. That means condoms, internal condoms, dental dams and gloves. Have latex and non latex options set out and clearly labeled so that people know what to grab when they need it. You should also place a small wastebasket near them so used barriers and wrappers can be disposed of neatly. Make sure people use barriers, and make sure they respect limits. Orgies should be a sober activity. A few drinks before or after might be ok, but don’t have people who are drunk or high participate. They can’t consent. You can also post a list of rules if you like, such as “ask before you touch” or “respect people’s boundaries” and “pre negotiate what sexual activities are ok”. This can also help the hosts feel more comfortable. Don’t want certain types of sex acts happening for some reason? Then post a sign. You may want to ban things like bukkake or facials to limit mess, or say that violent play like choking isn’t allowed because of safety concerns. The key to a successful orgy is creating a safe, clean and fun environment for sexy times. Got more questions or comments? Email me @


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