With the help of Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, Slash may have produced the best work of his career, setting up a bright future for the legendary guitarist’s next adventure,

World On Fire,  Slash’s third solo album in four years – debuted on September 16th, just four days after his North American Let Rock Rule Tour with Aerosmith ended. World On Fire is in your face, and it doesn’t stop – something that rock fans will bask in for the months to come.

The title track “World On Fire” is gritty, fast-paced and captivating. “Well they say that we are tragic and they say we’re born to lose. You’re the misfit, I’m the sinner, you’re the heathen, I’m the fool.” Front man Myles Kennedy sends a clear message: “Take me anyway you choose.”

Impeccable lyricism and musicality show in every song, none of this would have been possible without bassist Todd Kerns, who provides strong backing vocals and immense bass lines, while drummer Brent Fitz keeps the pace steady. Myles Kennedy’s breath-taking vocals add depth, and Slash’s unmatched guitar work is the final ingredient.

Part of what makes World On Fire so thrilling is its ability to leave you hanging, wanting more. You become connected, as if you know what’s being said, yet at the same time, listeners may feel like they’re discovering something new altogether.

That’s because they are. Everything feels generic and unified. From the soothing sounds of “Battleground,” a seven minute masterpiece, to the epic instrumental “Safari Inn,” be prepared for greatness at every corner stone. This album is one for the misunderstood, a voice to the voiceless, a fountain of youth for the desperate.


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