Q – So, what is ethical porn? Why should I care about porn so much?

A Porn is super awesome. Masturbation is good for health, it can reduce stress, it can relieve cramps, it can help you sleep and lots of other good things. Really, masturbation is just all around good stuff, and porn can be a big part of that. Not all porn is good porn. Some porn is made by companies that mistreat workers, refuse to use barriers and reduce certain body types and ethnicities to racist stereotypes and bad cliches. However, there is plenty of good porn out there. Porn that is sexy, feminist friendly, queer friendly, body positive and still super fun to fap to. The trick is learning to do a little research. I can help out with that last part.

If you like videos, try The Crashpad Series, Queerporn.tv.

If you like comics, try Chester 5000 XYV, Starfighter.

If you like sexy stories, try Nifty.org, Literotica

If you like “real” people, try Reddit Gaymers Gonewild, Reddit Gonewild,

Reddit Alt Gonewild

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