Oh, Jason.

Don’t read that with a sexual tone; I could not be more turned off by this song.

Maybe it’s the line “I wanna crawl through the dark just to feel your heartbeat against me,” but I can almost feel clammy hands reaching towards me when I hear it at a bar and I get the biggest urge slap someone.

We were so used to your party anthems like “My Kinda Party,” “She’s Country” and “Night Train.” Why did you have to go and ruin a good thing?

Just throwing in a reference to a fan’s favorite liquor and a southern state does not make for a quality country song.

This latest single hit iTunes coinciding with his Burnin’ It Down 2014 tour, where he debuted the title track of his new album late last month—one might consider that overkill.

“I’ve pretty much always gone with a really guitar-driven song that’s pretty in your face, and this is more of a laid back thing with a really cool groove,” Aldean said in a press release.

We liked you the way you were but you just had to push it too far. Now I’m taking my free drink and “I’m going to find my friends.”


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