So, Press readers: You probably know Nostalgia Goggles as a column about something catchy and cool, like some old Zelda game everyone’s played a million times back in the day. We at The Press are losing two people that are pretty catchy and cool to us—our executive and managing editors, Jodie and Nick. (No, they didn’t die. They’re graduating.) You’ve known them as the people who, week after week, bring you a classy and super offensive issue of the Stony Brook Press. Now that they’ve passed the torch to their successors, we’re feeling a little nostalgic ourselves and wanted to do something special, so here it goes.
If you’ve ever been in the vicinity of, well, the Stony Brook campus, you’ve probably heard Nick Batson’s laugh. Seriously, it’s booming. Here in the Press office it probably means someone suggested a new “Stadiums of Shit” that’s particularly shitty, or “DRUGZZZ” managed to piss off another USG member. It happens often, but we’re missing it already. I’ve personally known Jodie since day one of our freshman year. She’s been our fearless leader for a while now; the mama bear to our band of misfits. She was (tried to be) the voice of reason when our ideas got a little too freaky and kept order when we got a little too loud. I’m going to miss her flip flops the most. We’ll miss the crap out of our editorz babiezzzz, and know that I’ve loved every second of being top four with the both of them. Also, I’m sobbing uncontrollably right now, sorry bye.

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