Coldplay is one of the few bands that continue to put out records that change the sound of their band, but fans continue enjoy. Despite the haters, Coldplay keeps topping the charts. Their last album, Mylo Xyloto, the band’s fifth studio album, introduced a more electric sound to their familiar alternative rock and current acoustic sound. Mylo Xyloto was created as a concept album, intended to be interpreted more like a rock opera rather than a regular studio album. Their newest single, “A Sky Full of Stars,” from their upcoming album Ghost Stories, sustains the electronic, layered sound. The song opens with a bold melody that echoes throughout the song. Coldplay lyrics paired with Chris Martin’s dreamy vocals are sure to melt any girl (or boy’s) heart. “’Cause you’re a sky full of stars, I want to die in your arms; ‘cause you get lighter the more it gets dark. I’m gonna give you my heart.” This particular love song sounds a bit extraterrestrial, but certainly brings the listener back down to earth with its powerful and poignant lyrics. Their newest album Ghost Stories, will be released next week. Other singles including ‘Magic,’ and ‘Midnight’ have also been released on iTunes.

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