The Haus of Gaga released Lady Gaga’s latest music video, G.U.Y. An ARTPOP Film, five days prior to the artist’s birthday. It features four songs from her newest album, and it has earned it’s title of film rather than just music video at over 11 minutes long. The over 11 minutes does not include the time it takes one to fully take in and comprehend what was just seen.
From the revivals of Jesus Christ, Michael Jackson and Mahatma Gandhi, made possible by featured game Minecraft, the video incorporates everything and anything of social relevance, interest or importance. It embodies her main artistic theme of Greek and Roman gods by featuring the singing head of the god of sexual desire and unrequited love, Himeros. To add to the absolute sensory engulfment, Gaga and her lethal but fabulous team of “Real Housewives” seek revenge from the money thirsty suits who left Gaga for dead as a wounded phoenix in the first few minutes.
Lady Gaga is true to form by being predictably unpredictable once again but on a more personal level. The money-thirsty suits are in reality a depiction of her close associates who fought over her money when she was at her worst. Her most vulnerable point occurred at the time of her hip surgery and recovery when she was unable to manage herself without help.
Her rising as a phoenix from the ashes of their betrayal brings her to the picturesque Hearst Castle (I mean Planet Venus) to find ethereal paradise. This paradise comes after Gaga flushed out the people who were poisoning her life. She was reborn exquisitely and is currently living in a successful artistic revamp period. ARTPOP is Lady Gaga’s assertion of absolute control in her life once again.
The artist spreads the message that “ARTPOP could mean anything.” With the elements of the video as a prime example.
In celebration of her latest video and her own birthday, Lady Gaga performed at her home venue of Roseland Ballroom in New York City this past Friday. The venue itself helped bring Lady Gaga up from her humble beginnings of singing shows in local clubs in the city. It was the first of the seven shows she is scheduled to perform before the iconic piece of history closes down.

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