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There were two ways I learned the Chinese Zodiac.  First, the Chinese buffet I used to go to, had placemats which had all the animals on it.  The other way came from watching Jackie Chan Adventures.

Of course, as any cultured-enough kid; I knew who Jackie Chan was—and I dug him.  Then one day came to me the news of a cartoon starring Jackie Chan which would be released on  the WB 11.

Viewers would generally be familiar with Jackie—but then there were the characters; Jade, Uncle, Tohru, even the dumb Black Hand henchmen, who were all memorable.

One more thing!  There was an educational value to the show as well.  This usually wards people off to hear such a thing, but I picked up a few great ancient proverbs from the mishaps and adventures Jackie Chan found himself in.  For instance, “do not fight when you can outrun,” a valuable lesson in survival.

One more thing!  When asked about his martial arts career, Jackie Chan had once said “I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee.  I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan.”  Well Mr. Chan—through using an opponent’s neck-tie in combat to your advantage, along with voicing your own cartoon series—I’d say you’ve done just that.

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Limited Too was the place to shop in the late 90s and early 2000s. Located in various shopping malls across the country, Limited Too was the younger version of The Limited brand. Its audience targeted pre-teen girls with a sensible sense of style.

Let me explain: Flared jeans, tee shirts printed with pictures of cute puppies, kitties and peace signs that said it bubbly, bold print, “99% DEVIL, 1% ANGEL!” How could twelve-year-old girls resist?

Although Limited Too was on the expensive side, it was the place to get the most rad birthday and Christmas gifts for your best girlfriends. Not only did they have the coolest clothes but also they were known for their sparkly lip-glosses, embellished photo frames and fuzzy journals where we could write all of our crushes names. Scandalous!

Their pajamas were made of the softest cotton, decorated with sparkly sheep, fuzzy teddy bears and pastel hearts. At our slumber parties we wore them paired with a Limited Too camisole to match.

Sadly, the days of “Too Bucks” and butterfly-bedazzled jeans came to an end in the mid 2000s. LTD2 changed its brand name to a similar yet cheaper version of the store, Justice.

But as we look back to the days of girl power and adorableness, we realize that this store defined our generation’s style. We were the animal lovers with an admiration for peace signs and glitter.

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