Stony Brook University’s Environmental Club collaborated with Rock Yo Face, an on-campus program that showcases new music, in hosting the first Do It In The Dark: Solar Energy Concert Friday night in SAC Ballroom B.
The event featured live entertainment and students dancing with the lights turned off to spread awareness of conserving and using renewable resources and to encourage people to rely on less amounts of energy than necessary.
“It’s a celebration of Earthstock,” said Sheri Bossong, President of the Environmental Club. “It’s an extension of the celebration of the earth.”
Earthstock is an annual week-long event held at Stony Brook that aims to raise awareness about conserving natural resources, reducing pollution and providing alternataivaaae methods for living eco-friendly. The concert was held to celebrate its conclusion for this year.
At first scheduled to be held outside in the SAC Plaza, the concert was moved inside due to weather conditions. The original format for the night included the use of charged solar panels as a way of encouraging people to use more renewable sources of lighting.
“I would say our original plan, using solar power to generate the concert really encompassed our environment,” said Jane Karetny, Vice-President of the Environmental Club. “We were going to be using renewable energy so we were off the grid.”
The club provided lighting by handing out glow-in-the-dark wrist and neck bands and mini LED lights while flashing different colored spotlights around the room when people were dancing.
“We use like a fifth of the power, maybe less,” said Max Carmack, a member of Rock Yo Face, in regards to using LED lights.
The event featured performances by Stony Brook Vocalists, DJ Caio, The Lawn Chair Bombers and the Allies.
“It’s for a good cause,” said Arielle Dagger, a junior business major. “And any time good music is paired with a cause, it makes it a great event.”
The club called the concert a “success” and hopes that it will spread awareness about conserving natural resources and energy.


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