The Undergraduate Student Government amended a revision to the Financial Bylaws to allow clubs to pay speakers more than $2,000 after either obtaining approval from the Budget Committee or providing evidence to the Administrative Director and the USG Treasurer that they are not paying more than 110 percent of what the speaker has been paid by another entity in the past.

USG Mark Maloof vetoed the original revision to the Financial Bylaws, which removed the $2,000 cap on any one speaker as well as the $6,000 cap on all speakers per academic year.

The amended revision passed unanimously and was signed by Maloof last week.

In a memo to USG members, Senator David Adams said, “When you consider that some of the biggest events on campus are put on by clubs, such as I-CON, it is clear that we should give them more leeway to have larger events.” He added that the added provision obligating clubs to provide evidence that they are not paying speakers more than 110 percent of what they were paid by another entity will serve as a check against wasteful spending.

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