by Lisa Crimaudo

My long journey begins at the bus stop home.  I am upset because the Suffolk County Transit buses run hourly, and are usually late.  Although I receive a student discount, I do not feel validated. The campus does not value the needs of its commuter students.

My commute benefits from the season’s mild weather; however, winters past have been brutal.  It is shocking that the SBU buses run timely, on every quarter hour, while I freeze to my seat at the bus stop waiting for a Suffolk County Transit bus.  It is a terrible situation because commuters are in the elements without protection.

The rain complicates my journey. Commuters huddle under a small bus stop enclosure while hitting each other with soggy umbrellas. We need more enclosed bus stops that will cover all riders in inclement weather.  The action would benefit Suffolk County Transit bus and SBU bus riders.

Unfortunately, I pay a transportation fee, but do not benefit from SBU transportation.  It is unfair that I pay for a service that I do not utilize. The campus needs to heed the wishes of its Suffolk County Transit bus-riding commuters. Those who do not use SBU buses or parking in Stony Brook parking lots should be exempt from the transportation fee so that they can pay for their bus rides.

My trip becomes arduous. When I finish late, I am afraid because I am waiting in the dark for an hour.  Although I am surrounded by others, I feel agitated.  In an effort to alleviate the situation, the Suffolk County Transit buses should run every half-hour during the night run.

My journey becomes a monetary hassle. In the credit and debit card age, I am expected to carry exact change.  I do not see the logic. In order to improve the situation, the Suffolk County Transit bus system needs to adopt New York City’s metro-bus system, and allow pre-paid Metro Cards on every bus. The card would facilitate matters and allow for an easier ride.

Other Suffolk County Transit bus-riding commuters have a more difficult journey than me. As a result of poor planning, those who do not have a direct route home transfer at the Smith Haven Mall transit hub. These unfortunate riders spend time waiting at campus and longer at the mall.  The situation needs to change because it is grossly unfair.

The long road home is frustrating and my patience is at a premium. I have been frozen, chilled and wet, all in the sake of the journey home. I see a better way. The Suffolk County Transit system needs to reorganize itself. Afterwards, this outdated service would run efficiently and facilitate its riders.

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