When should a girl start having sex?

According to 35 of 100 surveyed Stony Brook males, as soon as possible. Fifty-five of them said that the best way for a woman to keep a man in a relationship would be to perform sexual acts.

At “Two Can Play That Game,” a Family Feud-style game show hosted by Black Womyn’s Weekend, a women’s group on campus, and MALIK Fraternity, Inc., two teams attempted to guess what 100 Stony Brook students would have to say about dating. The answers were often surprising, funny and occasionally infuriating.

The show even took a romantic turn when Pascal Messavussu, the president of MALIK, was serenaded by a sorority and presented with a gift and a valentine in front of everyone.

“I feel loved,” he said, shrinking back into his chair and giggling.

The purpose of the show was to expose the often differing expectations males and females have in relationships.

When the judges or players took too long to deliberate, or when the audience shouted out answers, or even when the answers were stupid, the hosts, Jessika Edouaid and Sher Paul, didn’t miss a beat.

“Really?” Edouaid asked the audience after an unexpected answer showed up on the board. “That’s up there?”

The two would often heckle the judges or the boy’s team, much to the delight of the crowd. They even had to provide their own sound effects.

The survey the game was based on was hardly scientific. Members of MALIK asked the questions at an African Student Union event. But the answers were still controversial.

When 100 Stony Brook males were asked what their favorite activity to do with their girlfriends was, 45 answered with sex.

But the crowd reacted a lot more strongly to the 25 who said they’d most like to play video games.

“Sorry if these answers dismay you,” Paul said to huge laughs.

But not all of the answers were disappointing.

Paris Tyson, the president of Black Womyn’s Weekend and a co-organizer of the event, found the silver lining in a question about where a guy’s favorite place to go on a date was. The top answer was a restaurant.

She wasn’t sure that some members of the audience appreciated the unexpected answer.

“They didn’t get a chance to absorb it because they were so angry,” Tyson said.

“That’s a lie,” shouted some on stage when the top answer was revealed. Two guesses at the question had included “his bedroom” and “the back seat of a car.”

Edouaid and Paul said they most appreciated the five men who said a girl should wait until marriage to have sex.

“People think that we have low quality males on campus,” Paul said. “And that’s not always true.”

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